Ice Rescue

The fresher, slower-melting ice.

Ice Rescue makes simply cooler ice. Hand bagged, free flow, freshly made, cubed ice from pure filtered water. Ideal for drinks or cooling food. Delivered daily to all the best bars, restaurants, cafes & caterers in Wellington or available at select stockists or from the factory door.

Ice types

Ice Rescue makes three types of ice - The Regular Cube, The Classic Cube & Crushed Ice.

The Classic Cube

The Classic Cube is our premium ice. It is approx 31.75mm3 and looks great in a glass.

It is slower to melt & harder than any other commercially produced "party ice" in New Zealand. As a result, it lasts longer in storage bins, cocktail sinks, coolers and drinks.  Its even shape helps to maintain carbonation and doesn't dilute the taste of spirits. 

The Classic Cube is also incredibly pure. The ice-making technology used for this ice ensures that impurities are "frozen out" making it almost as pure as distilled water. It will not distort the taste of your drink.

The Regular Cube

The Regular Cube is a smaller cube used by bars where speed is a priority. With a cube size of around 23mm3, it is easy to handle, crush and scoop into glasses at pace.  Like our Classic Cube, it is made from pure filtered water. It is the standard sized ice you will find made by most ice machines in bars in New Zealand.

Crushed Ice

We crush our ice in a commercial ice crushing machine which produces a crushed ice of consistent size and quality. We can crush to three different sizes - snow, small pebbles and bigger chips. 

2 Inch Cubes

Handmade large 2 inch square, crystal clear cubes of ice for that special occasion. Perfect for whiskey! Available in bags of 10.

BIG Ice Blocks

A clear square block of ice (approx 9cm x 26cm x 16cm) ready for you to shape & carve however you like it.

Bag & Bin Sizes

We supply ice in 3kg and 6kg bags or 40L chilly bins (bins must be returned - or own bins provided).  We can fill any vessel at a per kg price.

If you would like to order or want information on prices, contact us here.