Ice Rescue

The fresher, slower-melting ice.

Ice Rescue makes simply cooler ice. Hand bagged, free flow, freshly made, cubed ice from pure filtered water. Ideal for drinks or cooling food. Delivered daily to all the best bars, restaurants, cafes & caterers in Wellington or available at select stockists or from the factory door.

The Hurricane - cos its so damn windy out there.

The delicious Hurricane Cocktail originated in New Orleans. 

2 shots of Amaretto, 1 shot light rum, 1 shot of dark rum, 175ml orange juice, 175ml pineapple juice, 5ml lemon juice, dash of grenadine syrup. 

Fill tall glass with ice. Add all of the above, give it a swirl around. Garnish with slice of orange and a cherry on top or whatever your heart desires. 

Delicious Cheese Rolls (not because they come from New Orleans but because they are so yummy and I had forgotten all about them).

20 slices of white bread (crusts cut off), 1 serving kiwi onion dip (tin reduced cream, packet of onion dip mixed together with dash lemon), 2 cups of grated tasty cheese, 25g melted butter. 

Spread the dip on the white bread, roll tight. Lay on cold oven tray and dot with butter. Sprinkle the cheese over the top. Grill till done.